First day back to school

It seems that most volunteers were dreading to go back to work. We needed some motivation. I was actually looking forward to work and teach students something valuable.

It was the first day back to school after winter break. The weather has been really dreary and cold. There were some heavy rains. Some students were quiet, tired and might have forgotten their English. Some students seem optimistic and ready to learn! Many students seem inactive and sleepy. So my partner in crime, who is also my supervisor, requested me to wake the students up as she walks out of class. Without hesitation, I pulled out a giant toy cockroach and told one of my students to catch it. He almost caught it but saw a giant roach flying in the air…he dodged it and did not catch it. Everyone screamed then laughed instantly. They were throwing the toy roach around the classroom trying to wake everyone up. Cruel but funny.


Our high school building is going through reconstruction and new windows were being implemented. It’s very cold and wet that I could see everyone’s breath. Several windows were missing but the classes were still occupied. Ceilings were leaking water and the halls were wet with puddles. Apparently, this is normal.



The best part, I left work early.


Albanian words of the day:

Selino/majdanoz (synonym)= celery

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