RPG speaking here…

My cooking skill is leveling up nicely and creatively. Cooking in the real life server (my hometown) wasn’t my thing until I live alone in a foreign country, with lack of foreign dishes. This forces me to go out with a list of quests for some edible goods. I have to travel from town to town to get certain things. I don’t mind because I like traveling. Unfortunately I don’t have a mount to get around quicker.


Here are a few photos that I have prepared. The verdict: they are not bad!

Picture on the left are beans with beef flavor, the right is Egg Drop Soup. Oh yeah, notice the giant roach by the soup? It’s my roomie.

Albanian of the day:

In your dreams: Në ëndrrat e tua

Don’t be lazy:

  • To a girl: Mos u bëj pertace/dembele
  • To a boy: Mos u bëj pertac/dembel

pertac/dembel both means lazy

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