Rest in Peace David Bowie, and school tasks

Yesterday, I learned that Bowie died from liver cancer. That’s very unfortunate but he died peacefully with his family around him, sad but good that they were with him until he’s gone. I was never really a David Bowie fan but there are a lot of good songs that I enjoy from him and respect. I haven’t cried over a celebrity since Joe Strummer’s death. These guys are legends and I can see many influences from them to newer generation artists. For example with Marilyn Manson’s Mechanical Animals years, Manson’s style and make-up reminded me of David Bowie’s earlier times.

Meanwhile in Albania, I’m back at my usual routine. School has kept me busy good!

Peace Corps has started a writing campaign for volunteers who wish to participate by running the competition at their local site. It’s called Write-On Albania, and it is a creative writing competition, getting students who are involved in using their creativity and imagination. My counterpart and I are promoting this competition. I walked from class to class making announcements and trying to get students interested. Many seem interested and excited. A few came to my English class for inquiries.

My counterpart and I are working on a school play about school against bullying. Our class with the strongest English speakers will be performing a play. We’ve been rehearsing with them and giving suggestions and ideas on how to play the part. I researched a few high-school movies from: Mean Girls, Jawbreaker, and She’s All That. After showing a few clips from these movies, my acting students’ performance improved. My partner and I were pleased!


How’s the weather in Belsh? Cold and rainy! In the afternoon, the lake view looked beautiful, with odd cloud shapes covering the mountain top of Gradishta.


At the Belsh bookstore, I found a book about Trump. I was surprised. I asked the lady who works there, but my Albanian was terrible that she could barely understand me. Somehow the conversation clicked, she offered to let me borrow the book for a day, but I couldn’t accept such generous offer.


Albanian words of the day:

i krisur – “cuckoo”, crazy, or scratch (a scratched screen)

Mblidhe/mblidhi – collect (collect something up, collect up your things, collect up your money, toys)

gjys per gjys – half and half

hi (pronounced as “he”)- ash

dhuron – donate

buf – owl


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