Karafil and homemade popcorn chicken

My creativity is leveling up again, as well as my cooking skill. WoW speaking, my cooking skill went from Apprentice to Journeyman. Yay!

Aside from that, I wanted to make my flat smell nice. I boiled a few materials to create some sort of aroma.

-Slices of orange, cloves, and three cinnamon sticks

-I turned the knob up to boil for a few minutes until I start smelling the aroma, and then turn the knob down to low for simmer, for 2-3 hours. Greatest discovery ever! It’s natural and chemical free!


I also made my first popcorn chicken from scratch and the result was delicious. The only thing I need to fix was not to put too much breading on the nuggets. I don’t like too much breading. Also, I need to find better BBQ sauce because this lame off-brand sucked. Other than that, Pacman approved. Proud.


For class decoration project, I created days and numbers calendar to adjust today’s date. For test grading, I bought a LOL stamp for students who cheats on their test. Instead of writing a failing mark, I will stamp a LOL because they are not getting a passing grade. I troll students.

Albanian words for the day:

Karafil – Cloves

kanellë – cinnamon

shes – to sell

mbaroj – to finish


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