The effects of cold weather in Belsh

The cold front approached with its freezing power of doom. It’s freezing below zero degrees Celsius. The town has been getting power outrage, on and off. Running waters came at odd hours of the day. My water heater has been acting funky. Will I have hot water bucket shower or will I have to boil my water manually using my water boiler? Is it going to be like this throughout the winter? I don’t know, but if that’s the case…. FUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

The school and the weather: School started a little later and the class times are shorten to 35 minutes instead of 45 minutes. My English club has been inactive because of the cold. More students huddled up by the fire in my classroom. The fire oven fumes out smoke and ashes, which makes it hazardous for everyone inside the class. Outside of school, boys were asked to break down woods for the fire.


It pleased me to watch a few students using my word-search book to find words. $1 well spent!

Albanian of the day:

vizore – ruler

sapun – soap

Po tallesh? – Are you kidding? (colloquial)

Po bën shaka? – Are you kidding? (standard)

Mos bëj shaka – Don’t joke.

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