Choco Fruits

I gave a tour to my friend to TEG. It was her first time experiencing a westernized mall, a different feeling. She enjoyed her time there and will plan on taking her friends there in the future. She didn’t realize that walking around the mall could be so tiring. I also showed her where to get on the TEG bus and where to get off. Luckily, the bus normally drop students off at the student center.



I saw this booth and was curious to try it. I bought a mixed cup of strawberries with banana in chocolate fondue. The verdict: it was actually really good and I would get it again. It was 300 lekë for a cup but I didn’t care for the cost. The chocolate was sweet but not too sweet. There is another one like this at the Ring mall in Zogu I Zi, I’ve never tried that one yet. Now this inspires me to make one at home. 😁

Albanian words of the day:

Unë do deshiroj- I wish

Mandje hapur- open mind

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