The next new exciting house problem!!!!

After a long week of In Service Training in Tirana, I’m finally back to my hometown and getting resettled…but now I have this problem…

I know what you’ve been all waiting for!!! ANOTHER PROBLEM AT MY FLAT!! That’s right! The newest problem and my worst nightmare…I NOW HAVE A SLOW-FILING TOILET! BUT NOW IT DOESN’T REFILL SO I HAVE TO HAND FILL THE TOILET TANK! HERE’S HOW! I TURNED ON MY SHOWER WATER FAUCET, FILL THE WATER BUCKET WITH WATER AND THEN GRAB THE CUP, FILL UP WITH WATER AND THEN POUR THE WATER INTO THE TANK! WOW!!! This sucks! So I will be doing this every time I flush the toilet, I’ll have to refill the tank! But have no fear! I’ll ask my landlord to fix it. Oh boy!!!

But wait…there’s more……

Okay…there’s no more.

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