IST Week

Last week, our group volunteer got together in Tirana for our In-Service Training. We stayed at a hotel (Doro City Hotel) and with free breakfast and lunch! 20160128_10290220160126_121150 Hurray for a free week! I miss having REAL SHOWER! THE SHOWER WITH HIGH WATER PRESSURE THAT CAN BE HOT AND LONG!!!! OH WAIT…THERE WAS MORE…..A HEATER!!! I LOVE USING A HEATER IN COLD WINTER NIGHTS! But now, I’m back home with hardly hot water because for some ungodly reason my water heater barely heats up the water. This is annoying. And I’m back with using hot bottled water to keep me warm throughout the night…and I have to reheat the water every time it turns lukewarm.

The IST was about getting information that will help improve our community at our own site, sharing ideas and getting new information from other volunteers, and what we’ve been doing at our site. Volunteers were informed to invite their counterpart or their community member and discussed what their community needs. It was long and intense because there were so much information to digest. Here’s are some pix to show what it’s like at the training…

The best part was meeting our new country director and meeting the US Ambassador of Albania-Donald Lu. I asked both of them a fun question, what was their favorite pizza toppings? 20160125_091133I enjoyed meeting them both. Our country director invited people to her house and had chili for dinner. It was divine!20160126_182758

During that week, I watched a ballet at the opera, NOCES & LA STRAVAGANZA. I enjoyed it because I appreciate high art. It seems like a progressive interpretive dance.



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