Integrating returned/movie poster

The weather was nice so I had the chance to integrate for a few hours at a local cafe “Elevator Cafe”. It is a cafe where you take the elevator to the top building and drink coffee or tea. I randomly met two women and a boy at a table. I originally was looking for the older woman who kept inviting me for coffee but I was reluctant about it before. So I decided to go for coffee so she could stop asking me. I ended up chatting with the two women who happens to be the daughters. It was a bit awkward at first because I asked around for the woman who asked me, so someone called the daughter instead but I had no ideas who’s name these women were. Anyways, long story short, I ended up having tea with the two women. It was refreshing to finally speak albanian and had actual conversations with them. I learned a little more about them and their lives. Her husband is actually the owner of the local cafe. Everyday she hangs out at her husband’s cafe until 5pm. I asked her why women don’t go out at night. She said that women are not allowed to go out at night because it’s bad to be out. I noticed that in this table, they don’t have a job and all they do is linger at the cafe, sit and drink coffee and look out the window, gazing into the lake and occasionally playing with their smartphones. Everyday.20160203_151058 This is the view from the top of Elevator Cafe.

I have a new side project for the school community. I’m currently editing a short film about school against bullying. I can’t wait for the final product!


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