Words learned today during Internet Day

Transferoj-to transfer
Sjellje e keq-misbehave

Mbaj radhën! -Get in line!
Radhë- cue

Shfletoj – to surf the net
Qarkullim – heavy traffic
Hulutim – investigation, research
Shfrytëzim – operation, utilization, operating system, exercise,
Kufizim – limitation, cramp, qualification, restraint, reserve
Përmbajtje – moderation

Ueb-sajte – Albanian way of spelling website
Derisa – as far as, until
Dyshim – doubt, hesitancy, distrust, suspicious,
Vetjak – individual, own

Ndikoj – influence, affect, sway, operate
Dobi – fain, avail, benefit, interest, advantage, value
Grackë – booby-trap, trap, mantrap, mesh, net, cob web
Mbroj – defend, fight, guard, shield, protect,cover, fend, cushion, stick up for, watch over,
Mbrohem – to fend oneself

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