I watched Deadpool  (Dedpull (Albanian way of spelling)) and it was superb! I’ve laughed so much in that movie more than any other movies I watched. It was also a fun way to learn albanian because subtitles were included. The movie uses a lot of references, that I don’t know if many Albanians (even with advanced english skills) would understand most. Here are some phases that I got:

Dreqi- oh shit
Të zuri- got ya!
Tunde- shake it!
Aty rri- stay here
Dëngla- oh shit!
Ashtu mendon- is that what you think?
C’dreqi të zuri- Wtf is wrong with you?
C’dreqin?- what the shit?
Më zutë- all caught up
Animuar- animated
S’e njoh- I don’t know ( him)
Sa rehat- so comfy
Qetësohu- relax!
Të kurova- I cured you

I watched this at the Millennium theatre, the ticket cost 400 lekë. 

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