John Kerry visit to Tirana

Yesterday, John Kerry came to visit Tirana for anti-corruption speech. I felt lucky to find him at the Skanderbeg Square as he was entering the national museum. When he turned around to look at the paparazzi and journalists, I was there waving at him. He waved back at me, which had me feeling awesome. Everyone stood outside waiting for him to walk out of the building. As he was crossing the road towards the park where everyone was standing, bodyguards began huddling up with other guards around Kerry as people were walking towards him, trying to catch a good glimpse of him and asked questions. I got pushed but pushed back. Kerry made a brief speech and thanked the Albanians for helping and moving forward from corruption.


This is the best shot I got of him. So that’s how I spent my Valentine’s Day. I’m sure mine is better than people showing off their darlings sweet chocolates and flowers. Who cares??? Your darling can do that any other day, not just on Vday!

Anyways, today is President’s Day! Yay! America!!!!


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