Opened test results, discussion on my side project

Today, students received their test grades. After receiving their grade, the teacher will ask what it is and the students will say what they have, letting everyone know what their grade is. I feel that is a little personal in my opinion, but I believe that they are used to telling their results out in the open. I don’t want people to know what I have or how dumb or smart I am. But what if an intrepid student decides to say the grade that isn’t from what they receive? What if she decides to say she made a 10 instead of telling her real grade that is lower than what she said? I’m curious. The teacher didn’t check, she writes them on the register (grade book) and locked up the test after students looked at it. Unless she finds the student suspicious, of course the teacher will check. Hmmmm

I’m creating a side project, Albanian for n00bz. It’s a language learning project. This focus on pronouncing conjugated verbs correctly with the help of real Albanians. I usually pick out some weird verbs that I find tricky to pronounce because I’m having a hard time saying them, and verbs that I think that sounds amusing. Be on a look out for more in the future.

Today I had random person walked up to me and started talking saying they saw me on TV with John Kerry. I also private tutored a girl and her sister gave me a big bouquet of mimosas.

Albanian words of the say:
Lapse letrash-stapler
Registrimi: recording (noun)

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