Unconscious love

Today at school was unbelievably weird. Two female students fell unconscious. The first one fell and then an hour later another one fell. One reason was thinking about the boy that she madly fell in love with. The other one was a break up. Their emotion was so strong that they fainted. The doctor had to come to care for them. I thought this was the strangest thing that I’ve heard in real life. Usually I would watch this in movies but not in real life, or at least not in America. My colleague made a speech in class to students to focus on their education, not love. This is silly!

Aside from that, lots of students have been coughing left and right. It’s coughing season!

Zemër thyer
– heart ache, heart pain, lovesick (used in the name of love, not health related)

Mbylle gojën kur kollitesh! – Cover your mouth when coughing

ji i ndershëm/ji i sinqert – Be honest

rifreskoj – to refresh

Ladies first – vajzat para

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