Albanian dialects, slangs, and phrases

I made a new routine to help my mentality in serene. I’m running twice per week, giving private lessons, and hired a private tutor to help converse in Albanian for improvement. It’s the second day so far and I feel slightly awesome. I learned many new phrases from my language instructor who is my friend and neighbor. Most of the phrases are mainly Gheg dialect, which I prefer over Tosk dialect, and slangs.


There are different ways of saying “Si Jeni?” (How are you?) depending on the dialects.

Ça ke bo? (Tirana)

A je? (Gheg)

Ça ban? (Elbasan)

Ça ben? (Tosk)


Shnet – See ya, a very casual bye

Shihemi – See ya later, another casual bye

Pafshim – short for Mirupafshim for good bye

Tung – Shkodra dialect, short for “Tungjatjeta


S’ka gjo – No problem (northern dialect)

Tu rrit ndera – Thank you (n. dialect)


Mos më shqetëso! – standard version for “Don’t bother me!”

Mos më çaj kokën! – Don’t bother me! (use with anger while arguing)

Mos më mërzit! – Don’t bother me (use this when slightly annoyed)


Çfarë dreqin po ndodh?! – What the hell is going on?

-the word “dreq” derived from Gheg, north Albania.

Temen e semës – God damnit! (Korçe dialect)

Nuk dua tja di! – I don’t care what you are talking about

Çfarë po flet – Not interesting

E urrej – I hate it

Varja – Ok, let it go! (use when you want to stop somebody from bothering you, slang, should not be used in public, casual talk 1 on 1)

Çfarë pastaj? – So what?

është faji jot. – It’s your fault

Gjë e çuditshme  – weird thing

e/i paparë – cool! (slang)

Ai eshte i çmendur/lajthitur – He is out of his mind!

budalla – stupid, silly






Çfarë lloji? – What kind?

avancuar – advanced

Çift – twin, double, pair, twosome

Edhe neve – So are we! (Us too!)

Aspak/fare – Not at all (No, not at all)

Argjile – Hookah

Mair – Mirë (used in rural mountain areas, north dialect)


Kam rënë e këmbe në dashuri me ty – I am in love with you

Jam i marrosur pas teje – I’m crazy about you, I’m crazy after you

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