Reflecting and movie day classroom

It’s been almost a year since living in Albania. Now, new volunteers from the states will be coming and they will start their new life this weekend. It’s weird that I was in their shoes a year ago. It’s weird reading some newbie Facebook statuses about them flying from airport to airport, and meeting up for orientation. I was there a year ago. It’s surreal that time flies! In just a few days, a few new volunteers, or PC trainees will be living at my site for training and living with their new host families. Nostalgic.


We had our first movie day in class for students to relax. They watched Big Hero 6 and enjoyed it! The movie was in English, with no subtitles. My aim for students were focusing on listening and catch any words that are familiar to them. I asked them to write a list of 20 words that they heard from the movie. One class was an overachiever and wrote a list of words up to 100! 

I made our English class motto: Everybody must speak!!

Our goal is to make sure every student gets their chance to speak in class. We are doing our best to try to get quiet students to speak up, as well as students who are having trouble with English. I made this mini decorative banner for the class.



The different moods of Belsh scenery: One is sunny with the clouds surrounding the mountain, the other was overcast and ready to storm at night.


Reed diffuser, bamboo and white tea oil scent, 99 leke at Jumbo. This made my flat smell yummy and pretty.


At Hajdi’s Coffee, newly opened in Belsh! Check it out! Nice decor!



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