Dita e Mësuesit në Elbasan

Gëzuar 7-Marsini – Happy March 7th!

Dita e Mësuesit – Teacher’s Day

This is a special day for teachers in Albania. School days are shorter, or no school. Teachers go to restaurants and dance their butt off! Eat, party, dance! Music will definitely include songs with Kuq e Zi, Love me, Xhamandani Vija Vija, (see separate post for this). Students go from classroom to classroom to give their teachers flowers and gifts. I luckily received a fake white flower, and that will last forever. I appreciate this because it is something I can take home with me for memories. 20160307_092424

We ate at a restaurant called “Balla”. It’s nice and fancy inside and the colors are beautiful with blue and white. As people dance, lights changed colors.

Usual Albanian dishes: Lamb meat, fries, grilled vegetables, salad, fergese verore (cheese curds, olive oil), Salce Kosi (kos sauce (looks like sour cream))

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