International Women’s Day (Girls Day Out)

How do Albanians celebrate this day? This is the day to celebrate one’s mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, and lady friend. This gives an excuse for women to go out, have fun, and dress nice.

In Belsh, women were walking with their husbands and children. They mostly dressed conservatively. I was invited to eat with the female teachers at a pizza parlor and watched them having girls’ day out.

Some town, for example in Peqin, don’t practice this. Women in this town were not seen walking around, as it is an extremely fanatic oppressive place and very conservative.

Meanwhile during my integration, I played chess with cuns! I’m very rusty and terrible at chess due to lack of practice. I learned a few chess pieces in Albanian and a few Albanian men helped me play the game right. It was frustrating because I kept making bad moves but I had helpers showed me the correct way. After that, I walked around the lake for some snap shot of the lake.

Shahu – chess

Ushtari – pawns

Torra – rooks

Fila (oficeri) – bishops

Kali – Knights

Mbreti – The King

Mbretëresha – The Queen


Belsh dialect word I learned today:

behar – summer (Belsh dialect)

Typically, verë is used for summer.




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