What’s going on in class? Bubbles/St.Paddy activity/student teaching

I brought a bottle of bubbles to class for students to blow bubbles, catch them, and be amused. Surprisingly, it helped them wake up by moving around class just to catch some bubbles. Some students blew bubbles forcefully against other students, which I don’t appreciate. I asked them to blow the bubble dabber slowly so they can get more bubbly results, but it didn’t seem to work out as they blew too hard and less bubble came out of the dabber. Lousy kids!

fluskë – bubble

fluskoj – to blow bubble

Today, I introduced some St. Patrick’s Day coloring for class decoration. Ideally, most of the coloring should be green, but they ended up giving clovers and leprechaun some colors.

Teaching grammar is no fun! It can be tricky to explain, but luckily, we have a student who excels in English and is able to explain grammar well to students. But do other students follow? I highly doubt that but at least most understand the grammar of active-passive voices.

Albanian phrases of the day:

Merdhif – I’m cold (colloquial for “kam ftoht“); Belsh dialect, commonly used among villagers

dridhem – to shiver oneself(reflexive verb); example: Une dridhem nga i ftohti. (I’m shivering myself from the cold)

çfarë keni veshur? –  What are you wearing?

Une kam veshur ______. – I am wearing _______.


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