Gëzuar Ditën e Verës

Happy Summer Day!

Starting at 8 o’clock, children walked around their building passing out goodie bags. This is an Albanian tradition. The goodie bag consisted of snacks, fruits, candies, and ballakume. Two of my neighbors gave me goodies. They walk around the building, from door to door, giving the home owner a goodie bag.

What is ballakume? It is basically sugar cookie. Sugar, eggs, butter, and flour. Supposedly it is difficult, or I should say tedious to make these. It takes a lot of mixing and time to make ballakume. At least it’s a good arm work out.


In Elbasan, there were different things going on. There were stretches of ballakume sellers along the street and pretty much everywhere. There were popcorn vendors, the walking bear to take a picture with, street food vendors, and heavy crowds of people. At 9 o’clock, there was a parade from 9-vjecare schools. They held up awareness signs for violence, child abuse, environmental issues and such. Right after the parade, different popullore Albanian dancers came on stage at a different spot. They came from different parts of Albania to come dance in Elbasan.


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