Avocados and Mangoes in Elbasan

If you happen to be in Elbasan for your hub days, have craving for some guacamole, or want to show off some exotic dish to your albanian friends, I have put up a direction for dummies on where to get avocados and mangoes……WITH PICTURES!!! BECAUSE WE LIKE PICTURES IN OUR READING! This should be easy enough for cavemen to figure this out.

You might not find avocados or mangoes anywhere but in this location. Conad in Elbasan or other bigger supermarkets doesn’t carry them. Unless you’re in Tirana, your chances in finding them are higher but it’s too far or you don’t have the time to get there.

A few LOL facts about avocados…

Avocado derived from the Aztecs “ahuácatl” as testicle. They believed that avocados possessed aphrodisiac effects. Guacamole derived from “ahuacamolli”. To break down the compound:  “ahuácatl” and “molli”. Molli means soup. Testicle soup. Very appetizing indeed. The named changed over time, from avogato, to alligator-pear (because of its skin-like appearance of an alligator) and then just simply avocado. To learn more…

So cutting to the chase, here is the direction on how to find avocados and mangoes…

First, you need to get on the main boulevard, the center of Elbasan. Act as if you’re walking towards the stadium. From there, pay attention to these pictures. The magic will take you there. You’re welcome.







Also, one mango will cost you about 240-260 leke.



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