Christian church in Elbasan on Easter Day

Gëzuar Pashket! – Happy Easter

I was never a religious person but I’m in it for the experience!

On Easter in Albania, we lost an hour. Beside that, people go to church, of course! I decided to go for the experience and to learn some christian associated vocabularies. It was a 2 hour service. It started with singing, dancing, and then preaching.

My experience there was a nice one. It was positive and uplifting. I met many people and I’m mainly for the language learning.

After the service, we ate at a new Italian restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday with the new group of volunteers. It was a fun time.

Cutting to the chase….

Words that I learned from church:

lavderoj – to praise

Haleluja – Hallelujah

Veproj – to work, to take affect

adhuroj – to worship

adhurimi – worship

agim – daybreak, dawn, sunrise

përjetësi – forever, everlasting

perëndi – God, deity, divine

mbretëri – realm, kingdom, monarchy

varr – burial

varrezë – cemetery, necropolis

shërim – cure, heal, remedy

hir – grace, charm

jam keq – I feel bad

pse jo? – Why not?



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