A guide to buy a white board

Are you looking for a white board for your classroom? You can find them in Tirana, at an office-depotesque store called “Europrinty”. I will show you step-by-step on how to get there.

A friend of mine posted a status on Facebook so I will pass this on here as well…(Hi Cristin!!!): “I think we’ve found the Office Depot of Albania. It’s called Europrinty and it’s on Rr. Barikadave just north of the intersection with Rr. Dibres (just past the Muleri Vjeter cafe). It has a huge selection of every office supply and many art supplies, too. The have very good service and are very helpful.”

First off, you need to walk towards the bus where the bus takes passangers to TEG mall. Don’t get in the bus. There, you will find a park, a water fountain and a playground. 


Take the path that goes straight towards the furthest building.


Here you will find a coffee shop Mulliri Vjeter. Keep walking pass the coffee shop along the sidewalk.


Immediately, the first thing you should see is this sign “Europrinty”



You made it! You have successfully found it! If you continue to walk further, you will find a donut shop, Conad and a German Market.

Info about White boards:

The size of the cheapest one is 45x-60x; cost 1350 leke.

The bigger one is double sided frame size, poster stand; cost 11800 leke


Fshirese tabele – dry erase board; 70 leke

Dry erase marker – varies from 30 to 40 leke a piece


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