Hidden Brosef Stalin and Lenny/KFC in Tirana


I was told there were hidden statues of Soviet leaders Joseph Stalin and Lenin, the working class, and I don’t know what’s the white thing hidding under there. They are hidden behind the National Arts Gallery in Tirana. It is suggested to sneak towards the back museum early in the morning when there is no security guard. I walked to this place around 6:30 am.


The first KFC in Albania, in Tirana, is located in Tirana East Gate (TEG mall). To cut to the chase, there is always room for improvments. The side dishes are missing from the menu. It is not complete without biscuits, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, seasonning rice, etc. They could have done better with the presentation. The fries were a little soggy, and yet no biscuits. I was completely shocked that they don’t serve biscuits because it’s bread and Albanians serious about their bread. What’s up with that??? I ordered the spicy wings and I was pleased. My combo was a medium sized coke, fries and 5 pieces of hot wings for about 500 leke. I paid more for small portions. Back in the states, the price was fair for a decent portion. You get charged extra for a packet of ketchup, so I was smart enough to bring my own bottle of Tabasco sauce. Keep improving KFC Albania…you need more work.


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