Prsh! Txt msg ne shqip


During English class, we had a discussion about text message. Students threw all sorts of text meaning that I found useful. Ever wonder what your shqiptar friend was saying on text? Was it a typo or maybe you’re just clueless? Do you want to impress your shqiptar msg skills to your texting buddy? Are you just lazy and want to shortened the msg? Here are some that I gathered…(starting with the long version and then the txt version, words in () are in English)

seriozisht=srz (serious)
zemër=zmr (heart)
për zotin=pz (for God)
tani=tn (now)
për=x (for)
pergjigjë=prgj (answer/respond)
s’ka perse=sps (no prob)
Më behet qefi=mbq (I’m glad to hear)
Mirëbrema=Mrb (Good evening)
T’kam xhan = Tkxh (I love you, used for friends and family)
Kus kus=Tputh (Albanians way of spelling “kiss kiss”)
Të dua shumë=TdSH (I love you)
bukur= bkr (beautiful)
Të kam zemër=Tkz (I have your heart?)
pastaj = pst (later)
prandaj = prnd (so that)
C’kemi = çkm (sup?)
Pershendetje = Prsh (hello)
nuk=nk (not)
Të lutem thuaj=tlth (please tell)
gjithashtu=gjthsh (also, me too)
ça bën= çb (what’s up)
vërtet=vër8 (really?)
kalofsh mirë=klm (have a good day)
kalofsh bukur=klb (have a nice day)
takoj=tak (to meet)
flas=fls (speak)
Gëzohem=Gzzzzzz (cheers)
s’ka gjë=skgj (no problem)
dërgoj=drg (to send)
domethenë=dmth (it means)
ne qoftë se=nqs (if)
vetëm=vtm (only, alone)

If you know any that I did not mention, please share! 🙂

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