Kumbulla sour

A TV journalist entered the classroom and asked a few students to be interviewed. The entire classroom laughed. It was a surprise because my English classroom is going to be on TV! No, I didn’t say anything and avoided the camera as much as I could.


A student gave me kumbulla (little sour green plums). They were very sour. I took a few bites and nearly cried. I made sour faces for students to giggle at.


I made cute crafty little signs for my Facebook page Speak English in Belsh. I’ll be hanging these around the classroom.


Lately, I’m becoming a bit crafty and discovered new skills. That’s my favorite phase.

Albanian colloquial:

Qysh?: What? How? (you use this if you didn’t catch what the person is saying and you said “what? huh? dude wut?”, it’s not asking to repeat, it’s more of you didn’t get what the person is saying and you’re like “what??!?!”)

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