Most teenagers are terrible audience

I’m not saying ALL teenagers are bad because I have met a lot of really down-to-earth, gracious teenagers but the ones that I have encountered at the Youth center were something else. They were all sorts of bad connotation. They lack decency, loud and misbehved throughout the performance. Now, if this was in a different country, say…Germany or Canada, and these teenagers behave like that, the show is OFF! Back to where I was saying about teenagers are terrible audience, they were on their cellphones or listening to music on their headphones THROUGHOUT the play. It was ridiculous. It made me so mad. I was more than annoyed. I was fed up that I took a few shots of them playing with their phones to see if they even notice. Sadly they were sucked into their tiny screen that I didn’t get noticed!


Not only that, when they spot me, of course, they know that I was a foreigner and said ridiculous things about me. I got called “China”, not surprising. One female staff tried to shut them off but they continued to make the world sad.

So here’s what happened…

I went to see a French play at the youth center in Elbasan. First there were flute players, French karoake, and last was the French performance. I enjoyed it but at the same time, I was extremely annoyed by the young audience who were very obnoxious and lack decency. They looked very uniterested.

I fear for the future of Albania especially from these kids.

Albanian for the day

Nuk e besoj – I don’t believe it

Nuk e pashë – I didn’t see it

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