Center of Belsh

Where the two roads meet to a T, here are some spots that I want to share about the center of Belsh. This is not all that I’m showing.


This is where you can get vegetables and fruits. Prices are very cheap!


Where the roads meet to the T, the building with the stairs, the bottom floor is a restaurant. However, they don’t have a menu but you can ask the waiter for today’s special, usually albanian food: pilaf, fasule me mish, sallat, kos, beef stew, beef steak, fried potatoe fries, and they also serve coffee and tea. There is also a lake view if you want to eat outside. Prices are fairly reasonable.


The cafe Kuqja has a nice interior with flat screen TVs, nice toilets, and has Wi-Fi. It does get crowded and smokey. Usually at night you will see mostly men hanging out. This is where I usually go.


From left to right: a laundry shop, Hajdi’s Coffee (small coffee shop with WiFi), a clothing shop. This is across from Coffee Kuqja.


Upstairs, inside the pink front store is a boutique that sells name brand clothes such as H&M, Mango, etc. Typically on the pricey side. Not a lot of selection. They also sell jewelleries, shoes, accessories as well. The owner is Matilda.

And there you have it! If you plan on visiting Belsh, you will be at the center immediately when getting off the furgon or bus.


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