This was the first time I slept at a different hostel in Tirana called Trip’n’Hostel. It’s 10 euros (or 1400 leke) per night, a little higher than Backpacker Hostel Tirana (1000 leke for PCVs). To me, it’s a hole in the wall hostel.

My experience there was an awesome one. Here’s why:

1-Each bunk beds have curtains for privacy.

2-An outlet by your bed to charge your phone and a nice reading lamp.

3-More choices on breakfast.

4-Hostel cat named Tiger. If you’re lucky, you will wake up with this cat in your face!

5-About a 5 minute walk behind the opera

6-Homey hostel atmosphere

7-Lovely guest service

8-Outside of the hostel, you’ll see lots of old Albanian men selling antiques and other junk on the ground.

9-Of course they have WiFi. What hostel doesn’t?

10-Not a lot of people.


The downpart about the hostel:

1-It’s in the rough part of Tirana but the walk is short!

2-It can be spooky if walking late to the hostel.

3-Bathrooms can be a little tight.

4-Towels are 5 euros each.

I would return to this hostel if I feel like treating myself again.

Here are some pictures that shows how to get there. Pictures are useful and great for derpies like me!

Assuming you’re at the SkanderBONK Square. Face the Opera, walk behind the opera and you’ll see a park with a playground and water fountain. It doesn’t matter which walk way you choose.20160417_064020

As long as you turn around and see the building- Opera’s behind, anyways you’ll see this road, continue walking…..jaywalk with caution.


You will find this. Taxi sign, kiosk, and scaffolds. Start walking along the sidewalk. Watch out for holes. You don’t want to fall down into a nasty hole. You’ll be walking for about 3-4 minutes.



Keep walking until you see MINIMARKET, it’s on the left hand side, closer to the corner.


Turn to the corner, you’ll see men selling junk goods.


To be sure, there’s an antique shop that says “Parukeri” but it’s not parukeri. Don’t be fooled.


Turn immediate right, you’ll see the red door. Ring the bell and then you’re in! Enjoy.


Here’s the actual map from Google:





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