First food drive in Belsh!

Belsh had their first food drive in history! It was the first charity that came to our town. I simply invited the organization here. The student governor did most of the work. I want the community understand what this is about and aware what’s going on. I want them to open their minds to this sort of thing. I’m sure the community already knows there are starving families out there but there’s not much they can do about it. This is where we come in and let the volunteers spread the words about this project and do the magic themselves. My students are the key to open people’s minds and plus they speak Albanian.


And what did we do? Collected food that was donated by the community. Later on, we distributed the donated goods to starving families in the poorest area of the village. This required delivering multiple bags to far places. Luckily, I hired a furgon driver to take the student volunteers to these places. It costed me 1000 leke. It was well worth it. I don’t want my students to walk miles and miles in exhaustion! (Will post more about this on next entry.)


How did the community react? Some were curious. Some appreciated the idea and bought several things and donated. Rarely people ignored the volunteers.


The outcome? It was a success! It turned out how I wanted because many people donated food. The cart was filled! Thanks to the wonderful volunteers!


Students thoughts? They enjoyed the experience and really glad I invited the organization. They realized that there are people who are in need than them. They felt appreciated for what they have in life and wish to do this again.

What is FoodBankAlbania? It’s an NGO focusing on fighting starving families by distributing donated food for them. They also bring awareness about not wasting food and how to get involved by feeding starving children.

The story—

Starting at 8 in the morning, the organization called FoodBankAlbania came to our own. Then the students were divided into four groups to the front of each grocery stores. Students gave out flyers informing who they are and what they do and how to get the community involved. The food that we asked for were: beans, lentils, oil, flours, biscuits, snacks, sugar, sweets, and dried food such as pasta.

One man came up to us wondering if this was a good idea. He has never heard of this concept. He was concerned that we may be robbing the community’s food. He also said he barely made money and questioned us why were we asking for donation when they don’t make that much money to donate?

It was nearly noon and the crowd was dying down. We packed everything up, exchanged thank yous and farewells and brought the goods to the storage. The volunteers will later figure out which families need food and sort through food later on. I will continue this on my later entry….


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