How to get to your homeboy’s grave-Enver Hoxha

I know many of you desire to visit Hoxha’s grave. There’s not a lot of information online to help you get there, or worst yet….directions WITHOUT PICTURES! How can you know when there’s no pictures to guide you? Maybe reading direction is not your thing or you just like picture books?? This guide is made for durpies like me who likes to read directions with pictures because maybe….we’re visual learners? Direction should be super duper easy that even a lazy çun, who sits in the back of the class, can find it. Geico.

Enver Hoxha’s grave is in the outskirt of Tirana. This requires taking the bus and a nice 20 minute walk. Enjoy.

I’m going to assume you know where Skanderbeg Square is located. So let’s start from there. Take the orange bus on Rruga Kavaje. Look for “Kombinat-Kinostudio”. It’s 40 leke.


I believe the starting point is next to the dinky orange building, that sells tickets to special performances.


Here is the map for extra kick. Notice the oval shape is the Skanderbro Square…but it should be Skanderbro Oval because it doesn’t look like a square to me but whatevs, you’re here to pay respect for ya boy Enver Hoxha, right? The orange star is the Kombinat-Kinostudio bus stop. It will take you west towards to Hoxha’s grave, but once it reaches its final stop, prepare to walk for 20 mins and be part of the people-watching passer-by.


When the bus finally reach to its final destination, you will expect to find a couple pink buildings and other surrounding area such as BASTE LIVE. Bast means “bet” btw.

Start walking towards where the other vehicles are going…


Okay…if you need reassurance, look for this sign…


Keep walking straight! Eventually you’ll find wooden benches and old men will sit on them and will watch you walk. Your boots are made for walkin’.


You’ll eventually see an old building and a sign.


Keep walking until you reach the gas station, eida.


On the other side of the street, you should find flower mongers and the name of this street sign, Rruga Taxhedin Baholli. Carefully cross to the other side of the street.

Start walking along the road of flower mongers and line of tombstone shops. I’d say about 3-5 minutes walk, depending your speed.

Keep walking until you see the first gate of the cemetery on the left side. For reassurance, on the right, there is a tombstone shop called “TANI”.

After you enter the gate, turn left.



Hoxha is going to be on the right side. Walk past Parcela 6 sign.



There he is. I hope this direction helps.


And if you need to know how to get back, simply start walking back to the orange bus. It’s 40 leke. If you need direction to other places, I’ll make one. Drop me a message!

And if you want to learn some new vocabs tonight:

varrezë – cemetery

gur varri – tombstone






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