Where is Çermë and what is it? This is a small town in the central part of Albania. Many travelers go through there for transit from one furgon to another. It’s on a main highway, and there’s a roundabout. If you’re coming from north Albania or south, it is likely you’ll stop by here to transfer to another furgon to a specific location (unless your ride has direct ride to a specific city, you won’t have to worry about going through here, make sure you let the furgon know where you’re heading). Normally you would wait around here (about 20-30 mins, depends) to find your furgon that will take you to your destination. Make sure you flag them. If you’re coming from a town called Divjakë, you’ll likely take the furgon to  Çermë. Once you get to Çermë, you can go to wherever you need to go.

For me, I came from Divjakë. I took the Çermë furgon to get to Çermë. I got dropped off there and looked for a furgon to Elbasan. Luckily, there was an Elbasan furgon loading passengers. From there, I traveled to Elbasan.

Just know that this can also be a waiting game. You’ll see several passengers standing on the side of the road waiting for the bus that they need to get on to. To get picked up, flag the driver.

Here are a few pictures to give an idea and find some landmarks to get familiarized. There’s also a fruit vendor.

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