Albanian of the day

Tironc – a person from Tirana

  • Tirana vs Tirona It’s usually spelled Tirana, but people living in Tirana have an accent where they pronounce with an “o” instead of “a” such as Tirona.

Ti më vdes fare – You crack me up! (I’m dying (of laughter))

Unë do të zgjedh – I will figure it out

Unë nuk thash asgjë – I didn’t say anything

Sa gjyrah! – How pity! (Normally used with elders)

Rri! – Stay!

Vari leshtë – Whatever (used with friends)

E mora – I got it!

Forca – C’mon! Let’s do it!

E patë atë?  -Did you see that?

Jo kaq shepjt! – Not so fast!

Të kapa – I got it

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