How to get to Proper Pizza from Mother Teresa Square

If pizza is your fetish, this restaurant serves giant pizzas with different toppings. Bring a group of friend with you to tackle a monstrous pizza. If you’re solo like me, you can get a normal human size pizza (though I am a time lord).

I’ll be posting different ways on how to get there from Zogu I Zi and Skanderbro Square.

Here’s a direction on how to get there, as always with pictures for derpies. These directions are made for walking, starting from Mother Teresa Square.

proper pizza2

By the way, the Qemal Stadium is demolished and if you knew where the Elbasan/Korce bus station at, it got relocated to the Student University. This is the map for now.

mother terresa2

Anyways, starting from Nene Teresa Square, you turn around and start walking to the crossroad, or walk as if you’re going to Skanderbro Square.


At the traffic light, turn left at the corner. Turn left on Rruga Abdyl Frasheri! You’ll see a park on your right.


Keep walking pass. You’ll see Goody’s restaurant.


Here is the Goody’s restaurant. Keep walking until you get to Wilson Square, you’ll see the Wilson statue.


Continue walking where the arrow is pointing up.


Eventually you’ll see Veneta Banka at the corner. Turn right at the corner and you’ll see this…


You made it to Proper Pizza. Devour the beast!

Here are two maps, ONLY MAPS! No pictures yet. But if you really need pictures for these, send me a message!


proper pizza



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