Private Tutor

I’ve been having my private tutors coming over to my flat a few days straight. They were two female students, also some of the best students in my English class. They taught me different things besides conversation. My tutor wrote random questions on pieces of paper, fold them up and gave them to me. I read the questions and answered in Albanian. It’s a great way to practice speaking. I really appreciate my tutor’s teaching.

Parents of the tutors were excited that they’re associating with an american. Why? Because this is not everyday that they can work with one. I felt quite honored.


Here are some words and phrases that I learned in the past few days with them:

kumbar – godfather

kumbare – godmother

i/e dehur  -drunk

qesharak/e  -funny (noun)

Si të doni – If you want

shakaxhi – gazmor (comical)

rrëmujaxhi – trouble maker

u shkriva = LOL

i/e pergjumur – asleep

Lësho pe – Leave it! Knock it off!

shumë e mërzitur – bored (used for female)

shumë e mërzitshme – boring

Mbaje këtu!  -Stop here! (telling the schuaffer to drop you off)

paruke – wig

komentoj  – to comment


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