Matura Prom night

It was 9pm and attendees started showing up to the front of the restaurant, Ujvara (waterfall). Girls showed up in fancy dresses and boys were looking sharp. Friends and families accompanied their prom-goers and waited until it was time to go inside.

While the wait, there were several cars speeding back and forth, showing off their driving skills. I thought it was unimpressive. At one time, the car stopped in front of the entrance of the restaurant, set the cat on neutral, stepped on the gas pedal, and then drove off, leaving the crowd with a huge smoke of car fart. It was disgusting. Everyone grossed out and yelled out “OBOBO!” That was a terrible prank.

When everyone finally enter the restaurant, it was time for me to work the floor. I walked around and took photos of everyone. Everyone was happy and looking glamorous. There was music, food, and dancing. I only stayed from 10pm until 1am because I didn’t want to stay that long. They partied until dawn.  

My mini photo project turned out to be a fun success. Students went crazy with these letter props for their photos.

First I made these….


And the result turned out how I wanted….

More pictures can be viewed here and here.

Okay now on to learning some Albanian…..

vrima – hole

kerthiza – belly button

Më flihet – I feel like sleeping

Më pihet – I feel like drinking

Ma shtoi jetën! – This gave me life!


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