Still alive!

I’ve been busy with work and travel. I’m still alive. I haven’t been able to update much.

Summer is my enemy. Allergy hits me like crazy. I’ve been sneezing all over the place and taking benedryl. It is mosquito season! Worst of all….I DON’T HAVE RUNNING WATER SO I’VE BEEN BATHING MYSELF WITH WET WIPES AND SAVED WATER BOTTLES! THANK GOODNESS FOR BACK UP WATER BOTTLES! The heat is killing me so I’ve been using ice-cubes to keep my sane plus a fan. I’ll add more awesome tales when I get back. I’ve been busy with Peace Corps stuff….don’t go away!

Albanian of the day:

bostan – cantaloupe

Pse thua kështu? – Why did you say that?

Po tallesh me mua? – Are you lying to me?

kollaj – lehtë (easy); kollaj is turkish but commonly used among Albanians

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