More Albanian superstition

Today is a good day. The weater is overcast so I can do anything. I went to the gabi (pazar/flea market) and bought some second-hand clothes. My private tutor came over and introduced me to some more Albanian superstitions.

Kur ti merr vesh se ka lindur një bebe, ti duhet të prekësh hekur. (When you receive the news that the baby is borned, you should touch an iron object. Iron symbolises strength for the baby.)

Kur shikojmë për herë të parë një fëmijë të bukur duhet të fshijmë sytë. (When we see a beautiful child for the first time, we should wipe our eyes because if we don’t, the child will feel physically sick. Funny fact: Not only did elders wipe their eyes, they also wipe their crotch!)

Kur dëgjon diçka të keqë, lëviz vendin. (When you hear something bad, move yourself from the spot, or shake yourself up!)

Gratë shtatzëna nuk duhet të kapërcejnë qen. (Pregnant woman should not walk over the dog, because the baby will born hairy. A friend of mine believe this as this happened to her. She blamed her mother for having hairy legs. I assured her that it is normal and not a big deal. Just shave your legs!)

Në Ditën e Verës nuk duhet të shkelim lëvozhgat e vezëz. (On Summer Day, you should not step on the egg shell, because next year, you will have thorns on your foot)

Në 14 Maj, priten floket. (On 14 May, cut your hair, because your hair will grow faster.)

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