Reaction videos (part 2)

My private tutors came by and talked about the lyric from Albanian national anthem. After the lesson, I taught one of the tutors some German because she wants to learn another language. After that, I showed the tutor and her sister some music videos to see their reactions and broaden their minds to different culture. Again, I introduced them to K-Pop and some heavy metal music videos.

The first video I showed them was K-pop, “2NE1 – Lollipop”. They liked it, it was funny, they laughed, if they feel sad then they can watch this video and dance. The boys in the video aren’t attractive. The second video I showed was “Rob Zombie – Dragula” and one thought it was funnier than the first video. Surprisingly she enjoyed Rob Zombie’s Dragula. I was expecting something different. Normally I would hear Albanians not enjoying rock music but she actually enjoyed it. She sensed darkness from this video. So I thought I should show her another video “Marilyn Manson – The Fight Song”. She danced to the beat. Her first impression was she thought Marilyn Manson was a woman. She also enjoyed Marilyn Manson. She sensed darkness in this video and that the music is more stronger or “heavier”. I felt happy. It also helps that she likes horror movies so I guess she can tolerate these music.

What I learned from today’s lesson:

tradhetar/e (adj) – traitor, cheater

tradhoj – to betray

atdheun – homeland

betohem – to swear

dëshmor – martyr

kombet – nation

veç  – vetem (synonym)  -only


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