Private German Lessons and summer passing

Summer…my least favorite season. I try to pass the time painlessly. What have I been doing? Traveling, playing Magic The Gathering, learning Albanian language from my private tutors, and doing private lessons in German to my pupils. It’s interesting teaching German as I explain in Albanian. I found joy in teaching foreign languages.


I’m too cool to afford a chalkboard.


Made my first casserole. Eggs, ham, and ass cheese. Cheese that smells like ass. Turns out good. Spice it up with some Tabasco sauce.

çudira – surprise

  • Unë çuditem  – I’m surprised (about a new car, or something that wow’s you)

lot – tears

bankë – desk (class desk)

 -anymore (place this at the end of the sentence)

  • Unë nuk gatuaj (I can’t cook anymore)

Unë do të jem këtu neser – I’ll be here tomorrow

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