Another K-Pop/Manson video reaction

I really like showing videos to different kids.

I showed a girl a K-Pop video by SNSD – Gee. She enjoyed it. She thought the girls were beautifully dressed and the music was fun. It made her want to dance. It was fun. Next, I showed Marilyn Manson’s The Nobodies. I let her know if she’s scared, stop and discuss her reaction. She thought Manson was ugly and knew it was a man. She didn’t like the music and the video. We only stopped 1 minute into the video because she got scared and will have nightmare. Why did I show her the Manson video? I want to see if she’s able to handle the weirdness and the creepiness of Manson. She’s only 11 and spoke English well.

Purpose of this project is to conversate in English, using adjectives, elaborate their thoughts, and to broaden their minds to different culture and style.

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