…because this is Albania!

Complaining because nothing makes sense!

I had a phone call from a postal worker that I have a postcard at a lokal (bar and coffee shop). It was sent to the bank in Belsh but the postcard got handed to an owner at a lokal.

I went to the post office and let them know I have a letter. One of the worker called the other worker. The worker showed up and saw me with my friend. He took us to the lokal that had my postcard. I was so unimpressed but that’s how they work their “system”.

First of all, why is it sent to the bank? Why isn’t anyone sending it straight to the post office? Isn’t it the post office job to send it to…the post office??? What’s the purpose of having a post office here in Belsh?

…because Albania (they say).

Today’s lesson:

lakmitar/e – greedy (noun)

varros – bury (verb)

  • Unë të varrosa ty (I burried you)

Ke diçka tek dhëmbët  -There’s something in your teeth

Kur të duash – Wherever you want

Pse është ky/kjo ti?Y is dis u? (internet derp language) “Why is this you?”

sytjena – bra

mbathje – underwear/panty

kasollë – cabin


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