Boys in the back seat furgon

I caught a furgon running and ended up sitting in the backseat with four boys, no older than 13. They were on their way to Cerrik. I was impressed by their behavior and how polite they acted. At first, they were curious who I was. Of course, first thought was Chinese, but eventually they understood the difference. It all started when I was about to sit on the second to last row in the furgon. One of the boys decided to make room and let me sit with them. Okay, so I ended up sitting in between the 4 boys. They watched me scratching my leg because they noticed I had mosquito bites. They whispered to each other’s ears. I initiated the conversation “Ç‘kemi? (what’s up)”. One of the boys answered “Good”. Then he started simple basic conversation, such as what am I doing here, my name, age, etc. I began talking to other boys to make them part of the conversation. I was surprised that they were polite and kind. We exchanged farewells and I waved Good Bye as the furgon took off to Elbasan.

Moral of the story, not all boys are bad. They may look like trouble markers, but you can’t always judge the book by its cover.

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