Çorovodë trip

Apologize! I was travelling to Çorovodë to work on a video project for a PCV there. Getting to Çorovodë was a long ride. I took the Elbasan bus to Berat, and from there, I took the green bus that stops at the spot where people board the bus to Çorovodë. I had to pass through the excruciating 2 hours to Çorovodë  through Polican. I did not like the long, narrow road where it feels like the bus will fall off the edge. When I got there, it was a city on mountains. There were lots of steps to walk up. It was tiring but a good work out.

Cost and how to get there: The cost from Elbasan to Berat was 400 leke; about an hour ride. At Berat, take the green bus, about 7 stops to the gas station where another bus/minibus will pick up passengers to go to Çorovodë-30 leke. At the gas station, when in doubt, ask the people around, some  speak broken English but will gladly help. The bus will come every 20-30 mins. There will be a bus that say Çorovodë or Skrapar, it will cost 300 leke. This one is a 2 hour ride. All together, you’re looking at 3-4 hour ride.

When I got to Çorovodë, some places will rip you off. As a foreigner, make sure you ask for the prices first or ask to look at the menu!!

My funniest moment while in Çorovodë: Two PCVs and I walked inside the tunnel. It looked sinister. Nature took over. It was cool but dark. This was where horror stories were made. Luckily no one died. We had flashlights. It was funny when one of the PCVs spooked out and so we walked out of the cave. There was a room, far away, that we wouldn’t dare to walk to because we were afraid to face death. What’s over there? Maybe it was a bat? Wolves? Who knows but screw that….let’s turn around and live another day! :p


The Former State Treasury Tunnels; it was where the government kept the nation’s gold reserves during the communist era.

I know you’re dying for Albanian phrases….

Çfarë do të bëja pa ty! – What will I do without you?

Mjaft u ankove – Stop complaining!

Unë do të marr pjesë – I will participate, I will take part

Nuk dua të më ndhimosh – I don’t want your help



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