Introducing face wash

I introduced a face wash product to a girl from a village not far from Belsh. I showed her how it’s used and asked her if she has any chemical allergies…not that she knows of. Once I showed her how I washed my face with it, it’s her turn to wash. The first time she used it, her face felt clean and oily free. I was generous enough to give her my face wash that I purchased back in the states. It’s always nice to educate someone from a village about this. This is why I appreciate living in a small town because it gives me a purpose to reach out to people.

yndyre – oily face

New words for the day!

pergjoj – to eavesdrop

mikëpritës/e (adj)- hospitality

mikëpritje (n) – hospitality

murgeshë – nun

arritje – achievement

detaj – detail

zhgënjehem – to disappoint

zhgënjeve – You disappoint me

Në rregull? – Is this right? Is this correct?

Ma merr pak? – Can you pick that up?


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