Girls’ night out

I had a movie night at a village. It was just me and one girl (the host), and we were watching a chick flick “The Notebook”. Ideally, I was expecting more girls to join. However, the sky was dark so lame excuses was expected. We watched the movie using English subtitles as she took notes from the words she read from the movie. Then I explained to her what they meant. I was surprised by how much English she understood. She has been using English slang that I taught her such as: gonna, wanna, kinda, sorta, etc…to shorten to conversation. She also enjoyed the movie and thought it was the most beautiful movie that she has ever seen. I’m glad I made her day!

I also introduced her some M&M candies. It was originally from the United States. Now it’s sold over the markets in other countries. The first time she tried it, she enjoyed it!

I’ve been thinking about doing some social experiments with my community that could shock the town, surprise, whatever…but I can’t do this alone. I’m in search for ANY brave girls to come help me make this happen before I leave Albania. That’s why I joined the Peace Corps.

Phrases of the day:

Çfarë ka veshur?! – What is she/he wearing?!

Shumë shpifur! – So ugly!

Jo fare!! – No way!!

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