Wedding season going nuts!

Summer is wedding season! Everyday, like any other day, is a wedding day. You hear cars honking all over Albania to let the whole country know someone is getting married. Good for them…but problem for some of us. Some of us are trying to sleep!! Albanians party from day til night. Nothing wrong with that. But when partying loud at night at the wedding hall, someone’s trying to sleep! Not that I’m complaining, but this happens every day and night. Ohhh! And Fireworks!! Those are cool too.

On the awesome side, both of my articles got published on Peace Corps Albania newsletter for August. I felt like I accomplished something for myself. Small and simple accomplishment and a nice contribution to the PC Albania community. It felt great. I shared an Albanian superstition and hand gestures.

Albanian verb: bërtas – Scream

Unë bërtas – I scream

Ti bërtet – You scream

Ai/Ajo bërtet – He/She scream

Unë bërtita – I screamed

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