It’s been a week!

Sorry fellow readers!

I was on a work-vacation so I apologize for my absence. I’ve been busy and didn’t take the time to get on a computer to keep you updated. I know some of you are dying to learn new Albanian words while others want to know where I have explored within Albania. For now, let’s start with the vocabs and then I will show you some places where I have been in later entries!

What’s been happening to me lately? Apparently, I won the video contest and my prize is to go on an excursion, free ride, to the Bektashi Festival, a tradition sheep slaughter fest. I passed the prize because I have already went there last summer. I’ll be fine but at least I won! Yay!

Albanian of the day:

uroj – to wish

i/e ulët (adj) – low (you can use this to describe someone a “lowlife”)

i/e tronditur (adj) – shocked (as in to be shocked)

kushedi – who knows? (When asking a question that nobody knows, this response can be used)

lavire – whore

përbindësh – monster

dënoj – to penalize

largoj – to remove

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