Korçe: La Montagne/The Cross hike/Barç village

I went to Korçe to work on my concert photography skill. I could careless for the beer festival. The next day I took a random walk to a village called Barç. A nice local kid, who spoke good English, showed the way to the Morava Mountain top with the big cross. From there, I ended up walking to the highest point of the mountain in Korçe. It took a little over an hour. The big cross overlooks Korçe city. On the top of Morava mountain, there’s an unfinished resort and a restaurant called “Le Montagne”, that serves traditional local Albanian food. There is also a small church that can be walked in. Carry on with the pictures…

Barç is a small village. No tourists could have been there? A nice kid, high school age, named was Skander (from what I gathered), spoke good English. I hope he continues English to be a local guide for his village. He gathered up some plums and offered as a kind gesture. This helped with the long hike because I was getting thirsty. He showed the way to the cross, the top of the mountain that overlooks Korce. The path where he showed was a bit of a hike, a little climbing up the hill. When we finally got to the paved road, we exchanged farewells and he asked for a selfie. Then he moved quickly down the hill with incredible speed!

Finally, on that point, the walk was paved, it took about a little over an hour to walk up. There were signs indicating a restaurant and the church on the mountain where I was heading.

Finally saw a restaurant, a lokal (coffee shop), a playground, and an unfinished resort. I can see the whole view of Korce from the top.


The unfinished building of a resort.


A playground with swings and a slide by the restaurant.


Then there is finally the Cross overlooking Korce. There is also the small church where people can walk inside and look at icons and candles, as well as the view.

It seems that I experienced Korce by hiking and getting to see the whole city. The hike was long but I’m glad I made it. It nearly took half of the day but worth it.

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