I made a visit to Maqellare to support a PCV there. Maqellare is a village, located about 5-10 mins to the Albanian-Macedonian border. When I got there in the afternoon, there were only men out. There were hardly any women out. From what I learned, girls are not allowed to walk alone, so they are usually seen in a group, or with someone to accompany them (such as their relatives, parents), even in broad daylight! If they need to go to a store, they must be accompanied. When I was out at night with my friends, I was told I got stared at. I didn’t notice because I was too busy video recording this awesome video. Of course, people were curious and it was unusual to see a “chinese-looking” girl. The ride from Tirana to get to Maqellare was really long and the roads were wavy. Honestly, I did not enjoy the ride but I was happy to see my friend, Chris (HI CHRIS!!!), who lives there. The other PCVs and I supported his English club. The students who showed up were genuine, polite, and spoke decent English. They were 4 boys and loves to play soccer.  Very nice kids!

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